Britney Brands Inc.

March 11, 2003
Gay Games 2002 – Sydney
January 18, 2002
I was contracted by NVU/Britney Brands Inc. to do the marketing, publicity and project management on the “STAGES” release for Britney Spears.

A coffee table book and DVD combo – this was a collectors dream product.

Our exclusive Australia and Asia contract included regional product development, manufacture, sales and distribution consultancy (working with printers, distributors, retailers – all levels of the chain) as well as the consumer level marketing and PR.

We produced a star studded red carpet event at Sydney’s Planet Hollywood/Star Bar, with fan screenings on the products DVD component, media competitions and giveaways, interviews, covers of magazines, radio and TV placement.

Massive press coverage of the product itself – with over 1.8m in media space obtained.

All whilst brand body-guarding the artist, and adhering to the projects strict branding and placement guidelines.