I always love doing write up’s on other folks, talents and identities – I can write a profile that would make your heart sing. However when it comes to mysef, I am pretty self depricating and find it hard to focus on why I am on the earth doing what I do.

All I can say is that I am a passionate person who loves the worlds of creative, marketing, strategy and communication.

I have had a varied and amazing career, travelling the world covering major events, working in and for media, creating brands, designs and creations for events, corporates and community.

I love a good style guide and get a kick out of creating them too.

If you want someone who works across print, digital, social, tv, radio and all things pop culture – then I am your creative wizard.

I connect people with brands and products and services. Using different tones of voice and creative skills that create unique and effective solutions that give great ROI for all those I have the pleasure of working with.

I love the outdoors, great food and travel and finding new ways to connect talented people, amazing products, events and opportunities with the right audience and helping networks and opportunities grow.